Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Pictures, Please

I seem to have some residual night-owl tendencies from my high school days that resurface every now and again during these summer months where temperatures are high and obligations are dangerously low. Though my eyelids struggle I feel compelled to write.

I must confess something... I apologize for not being completely honest with you sooner, but trust me, I have my reasons. Well, here's the thing: not only can I run fast, I'm a world-renown singer and musician. Shocking, I know. Its a lot for me to handle too. The fans are endless, I swoon at the sound of my own voice, and my records are flying off the shelves, and then I step out of the shower and I'm normal again.

Yep, I'm a rockstar - when I sing in the shower. What is it about nudity, hot water and suds that make you feel on top of the world? You hit every high note, your pitch is perfection; you swear you out-sung the person who sang it in the first place! Hmph, they ought to come to you for lessons.

I'm not really sure what point I have in all this, it was just a sensation I thought I might share, in hopes that you might be able to relate, and experience one of those inner smiles.

Good Day!

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